Is a Sympathy Gift Basket Appropriate for Expressing Condolences?

Is a Sympathy Gift Basket Appropriate for Expressing Condolences?

We get asked this question pretty regularly, so we’d like to address it publicly. 

Gift baskets tend to be associated with cheery and celebratory occasions like birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, graduations, promotions, and the like. Add to that the general sense of needing to be a bit reserved when expressing condolences or sympathy. It’s understandable then that a gift basket might not seem like the most suitable thing to send someone who’s lost a loved one or has experienced some other loss or serious setback. 

However, a formal gift basket can be a much-appreciated way to convey a simple but powerful message: “I’m thinking of you during this difficult time.” 

Of course, you can always say these words with a sympathy card. But a gift basket goes above and beyond. It’s a more memorable and moving gesture of caring that the recipient can take comfort in. 

Customizing the sympathy gift basket adds a personal touch that further assures the recipient that they are very much on your mind. It’s just a small extra step, but one that lets you connect a little more through your gift at a time when someone most needs to feel a connection to others. 

Ultimately, those who are grieving or suffering derive strength from their family and friends. Even at those times when they most feel like being alone, their loved ones’ gestures remind them of their support network. 

So yes, a sympathy gift basket is certainly an appropriate way to express love and support to someone going through an emotionally trying time.

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Katie Korell founded Orlando Gift Baskets in 2010 after several years as Gift Basketeer at Disney World's Floral & Gift Basket Department.

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