Holiday Office Party



This large gift basket is perfect for an office to share.  All items are packaged in individual size bags, ideal for grabbing and going.  The assortment of sweet, salty, healthy, and indulgent is sure to deliver something for everyone!


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Perfect gift basket for an office staff.

All snacks come packaged in individual sized packs:

  • 4 “Terra” brand Vegetable Chips
  • 4 Almonds
  • 4 Lemon Cookie Bites
  • 4 Wasabi Edamame
  • 4 Dried Fruit Assortment
  • 4 Chocolate Wafer Cookies
  • 4 Key Lime Cookies
  • 8 “Jelly Belly” brand Jelly Beans
  • Handfuls of Hershey Miniature Chocolates