3 Important Tips for Creating a Memorable Personalized Gift Basket

3 Important Tips for Creating a Memorable Personalized Gift Basket

Ready-made gift baskets can certainly make nice gifts, but customized baskets offer much more opportunity to express a little of yourself and to truly delight your lucky recipient. By putting in that tiny bit of extra time and effort to tailor the basket contents to the personality, interests, and tastes of the recipient, you make the gift more thoughtful and special. It’s like the difference between giving someone a gift card and picking out a particular item you believe they’ll genuinely appreciate. 

Here are three tips for designing the perfect personalized gift basket for anyone and any occasion: 

1. Introduce the Recipient to Something New 

It’s always tempting to pack a gift basket full of a bunch of your recipient’s favorite things. After all, it shows you know what they like and you can be sure they’ll like what you send. But it doesn’t take all that much thought. And it doesn’t make for a particularly memorable basket because there’s a certain more-of-the-same element. Include items your recipient may not be familiar with but that play to their taste. This really takes your gift-giving game to the next level. Everyone loves discovering new things to love, and if you make that happen, you’ve harnessed the full potential of personalizing a gift. 

2. Consider What’s on the Recipient’s Mind 

Send a gift basket that works with the occasion and how it makes your recipient feel. If they’re excited about entering a new phase of life, choose items that help usher them into it. If they’re in need of comfort, select items that provide it. Here at Orlando Gift Baskets, we send lots of baskets to people exploring Central Florida on vacation. We use local products that capture local flavor (often literally, with edible Florida goodies!). It complements the recipient’s mindset and even augments their experience by introducing some things they’re not likely to encounter in the main tourist areas. 

3. Determine if There Are Things You Should Leave Out 

Sometimes, what you deliberately omit from a gift basket is just as important as what you include. In particular, consider whether there are things your recipient doesn’t eat or drink. Ask someone close to them if you’re not sure, so you can get the information you need without risk of ruining the surprise. For example, lots of gift basket treats contain tree nuts or peanuts, which are two of the top eight food allergens; people generally don’t like receiving life-threatening presents. Or, someone who doesn’t drink alcohol probably won’t appreciate getting an alcoholic beverage. 

Personalized Gift Baskets for the Win! 

A customized gift basket shows thought and consideration, which is what gift-giving is all about. The variety of items also makes it a more exciting package than a single gift, providing multiple opportunities to thrill your recipient. All in all, it’s an excellent way to send something special that someone will enjoy and remember fondly.

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Katie Korell founded Orlando Gift Baskets in 2010 after several years as Gift Basketeer at Disney World's Floral & Gift Basket Department.

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